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Archives for December 2011

Sorry, we’re open.

The story hit all the major news outlets yesterday morning that Verizon was planning to charge their customers a two dollar fee for paying their bill directly to Verizon on their website.  They were going to bill us for billing us. I’ve plied this theme in other writings, calling it the “Sorry, we’re open,” syndrome.  […] Continue Reading


The evidence was obvious and appalling–a gruesome crime aftermath.  Scraps of what had once been living flesh were strewn over the top of the Honda Accord, and just as many body parts were on the garage floor.  Bone–yes, even bone splinters were visible to anyone brave enough to walk through that spine-chilling, sobering scene the […] Continue Reading

Van Raymond Outfitters Book Signing

Van Raymond Outfitters has for many years been a fixture on the outdoor sporting scene in Maine.  It is an old world business rather than a big box environment.  Van Raymond is where you go for personal service and depth of product knowledge.  Much of my own gear in my professional guiding work is outfitted […] Continue Reading