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Archives for January 2012

The Black and Blue Trail

This trail was first brushed out by Sonny Sprague, the legendary Grand Lake Stream figure I wrote about in my book, “Where Cool Waters Flow.”  The trail was too “boney” for a snowmobile, because the skis would bash into rocks just beneath the snow.  Another half a foot to a foot of snow would be […] Continue Reading

Trapping Bait

We traveled overland on 8-10 inches of snow to a remote pond teaming with baitfish.  This is one night’s haul, to be used on ice fishing outings in the coming weeks.  They’ll be stored in a holding box under the ice in 8 feet of water.

The Lost Fly Box

Found:  This Perrine, aluminum fly box containing approximately 125 home-tied flies was picked up in the parking lot of a convenience store somewhere in Maine.  Apart from many creative patterns, perhaps invented at the vise of this fly tier, there are classic imitations too:  Black Ghosts, Hornbergs, Royal Coachman, and there appear to be some […] Continue Reading

Truck buyer blues

I’ve recently stepped, shyly, into the new truck market, after logging a solid 170,000 miles on my 1995 F150, soon headed down the road of diminishing returns.  It still runs, as my father used to say, “like a Swiss watch,” but I do have clients to consider. Out where I guide on the Canadian border […] Continue Reading

Speaking on Beacon Hill

One of the high points of my ongoing book tour since the publication of “Where Cool Waters Flow” was to speak last night at the Somerset Club on Beacon Hill in Boston.  Bill Ames was the club host and he produced one of the most interesting, wonderful audiences I’ve ever had the privilege to speak […] Continue Reading