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Archives for February 2012

West of Rangeley (A Review)

Salvatore D’Amico might be an unusual name for a fishing guide in Maine’s Rangeley Lakes region, but that’s the least of Sal’s worries.  In fact, nothing about him smacks of native or local. It is what it is though, and Sal makes no apologies to anyone.  Yes, he has a past, and it had nothing […] Continue Reading

They’ll never be any fresher

  These came up from the depths on Saturday morning to liven things up out on the ice.  It was a brilliant, high pressure, “bluebird day.”  The whitefish is 17 1/2 inches, the lake trout (togue) 20 inches.  Imagine them hours later in a skillet!   Outside, it was zero degrees and blowing as the woodstove […] Continue Reading