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Archives for July 2012

Nolan’s First on a Fly Rod!

These two photos excerpt the day Nolan McCullough had Friday with his first experiences using a fly rod.  Nolan is  a well-known personality all around Grand Lake Stream where he spends much of his summers with his grandparents, Dave and Jennifer McCullough.  He lives during the school year with his parents in Gorham, ME.  I […] Continue Reading

Happiness is…

Happiness is Valerie Attia, chaulking up a day of firsts along with her husband Garem.  Being raised in St. Petersburg, Russia, Val didn’t have the opportunity to hone her smallmouth bass-fishing skills.  That happened last Saturday, when the physician’s assistant got close and personal with about 50 of them!  Notice in the first photo, the […] Continue Reading

Where Cool Waters Flow at Ohio University!

where-cool-waters-flow   Leo Sideras, a sophomore at Ohio University, created an audio synopsis of my book, Where Cool Waters Flow, by using the college recording studio, hiring student actors to perform various voiceover rolls, and selecting sound effects and background music. Here is his 12-minute presentation (for which he received an A!)

Diary of a day off

Many guides, when a single day off comes along, go fishing.  This chronicles my day off last week, the first in several weeks… From heading out, to an eagle escort, to the first fish of the day, to a botched attempt to take a pic of a friend’s camp, to the final fish.  It was […] Continue Reading

Mike’s Last Salmon

Mike Fastoso had been coming to Grand Lake Stream for many years with his friends, “The Stalwarts.”  They have their own chapter in, “Where Cool Waters Flow: Four Seasons with a Master Maine Guide.”  They receive further mention in a new book I’ve written, at the publisher’s now.  Mike always sat amidships, right in front […] Continue Reading