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Fall Fishing, Part II

Moving from Quebec to the maritime provinces is a move toward the Gulf Stream.  Fall colors sometimes peak even later than they do in Maine, which, after all, is not really south of Nova Scotia, but west of it.  This year, we arrived for a flood on Canadian Thanksgiving, our Columbus Day.  It took the Margaree River several days to settle after that, and a few more before Atlantic salmon began to show interest in flies.  Grouse numbers, on the other hand, seemed to be sky high.  Every time I took Dakota and Tennyson to the woods, they flushed partridge.  The talk of the valley was apples.  A bumper crop of wild fruit hung heavy from limbs everywhere you looked.  Margaree wildlife is having a bountiful fall season.

Here are the boys heading out on a jaunt, and here’s a pic taken by Ian from Halifax, who showed up just in time:



  1. Mike Knowles says:

    It was a pleasure meeting you in Antigonish. Hope to wet a line with you in the future.
    Mike Knowles