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Songs From Grand Lake Stream!

These songs are the crowd-pleasers, the most requested songs about the people, the place, the life and lifestyles of Grand Lake Stream, Maine.  It is available through the store on this site.

Cattaraugus Creek Video

This is a great segment from the folks I fished with on the Lake Erie tributaries this November.

Western NY State Steelhead

Finally brought to a boil something that’s been simmering for a long time.  I’d researched Cattaraugus River steelhead fishing after a friend from PA emailed his experiences there to me a few years back.  It’s one of the chief breeding rivers for steelhead coming up from Lake Erie.  There are many “tribs” as the locals […] Continue Reading

Maine Pheasant hunts!

Maybe sometime you’d like to change up on the grocery store fowl that are grown to maturity in about 8 hours with the aid of mega hormones and antibiotics.  Maybe you’ve forgotten how much fun it is to swing on a rising bird that has just boiled up out of the brush thanks to a […] Continue Reading

A porch, a scotch, a view, and quiet contemplation of the day…

photo by Robert Moser

Cape Breton, Margaree Magic

You can see how low the water was on the Ledge Pool, just above Ingraham’s Bridge, but when I saw the rainbow, I thought I’d better fish it.  No luck, but great fun.  Photo by Robert Moser.

Gaspé Peninsula Atlantic Salmon!

I hosted five fly fishermen at Camp Bonaventure in late September.  The water was low, but the salmon returns were high.  One of the sports, Craig Fowler (who was about to set a record the following month in the hiking/biking world), captured me doing a Spey cast in one of the most storied pools on […] Continue Reading

And this guy…

This handsome guy picks up a fly rod, and on his first cast, lands this West Grand monster.  (All pish fictured were released unharmed at once).

A Lineup of Happy Sports

All pish fictured were released at once, unharmed.

Ishmael Resting after many Nantucket Sleigh Rides