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National Award for Wide and Deep! Outdoor Writers Association of America, (OWAA) has named Wide and Deep by Randy Spencer, Best Book of 2015 in the General Audience category.

Wide and Deep

Tales and Recollections from a Master Maine Fishing Guide
by Randy Spencer

Hardcover, Sports/Outdoors
ISBN-10: 1-62873-639-9
ISBN-13: 978-1-62873-639-7

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About the Book

There is little about the remote town Grand Lake Stream, in eastern Maine, and its surrounding lakes that Randy Spencer doesn’t know like the back of his hand. Spencer, a Master Maine Guide, has learned from the best and has enough experience as a hunting and fishing guide to fill several lifetimes.

Wide and Deep transports readers to remote backwoods and crystal clear lakes. At its most remote, rural Maine is truly breathtaking in its natural beauty, and Spencer is unrivaled in his ability to capture like no other the experiences of fishing and hunting in some of the most hidden and undisturbed areas in the world.

The relationship between a sport and his guide is an ongoing conversation, one that can last hours, days, and even years. The company you offer is just as valued as the company you keep. Whether they are stories of joy or of pain, there is nothing like listening to Randy Spencer, and Wide and Deep perfectly captures the moments on the water that people wait their entire lives for and spend the rest of
their lives remembering.

Where Cool Waters Flow

Four Seasons with a Master Maine Guide
by Randy Spencer

Softcover, Maine Nonfiction
ISBN: 978-1-934031-28-5

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About the Book

Master Maine Guide Randy Spencer knows the lakes, streams, and woodlands around Grand Lake Stream, Maine like few others. He has learned the ways of the old Maine Guides – from the proper way to prepare shore lunches, to where to find the best salmon and bass, to how to survive in the wilderness – from some of the area’s local legends. Now, in his first book, Where Cool Waters Flow, Randy puts you in the casting seat of his Grand Laker, introduces his many “sports” who come from miles away to decompress, brings you out on the trail during fall hunts, and takes you on many other adventures as only an insider can.